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Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most commonly asked questions about summer camp at Camp Ten Trees. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime!


How much does summer camp cost?

Camp Ten Trees has a sliding scale for summer camp sessions. Rates range from $500-$3000 for youth and teen weeks, and the LEAD program rates range from $1100 to $4850. Families are asked to seriously consider the highest amount they can pay, as we rely heavily on camp tuition to run our programs. We are committed to maintaining financial accessibility for our campers and will never turn away a camper for financial reasons. If the sliding scale is still not meeting your needs, we offer need-based scholarships (or camperships). 

Where is camp located?

We do not publicize or share the camp site’s name, location, phone number, or mailing address. If you are the guardian of a registered camper and would like to acquire the address and/or phone number of the camp site to send mail or packages during summer camp sessions, please email us at

How will my child get to and from camp?

Camp Ten Trees provides bus service (at no extra charge) between Seattle and the site of our summer camp sessions. Specific information about the check- in/check-out location will be given to families after they register their child for camp.

What sort of activities are offered at camp?

Every year, we offer new and engaging activities led by our amazing staff and occasionally by outside organizations. Some activities your camper can count on include lake swimming and boating, archery, arts and crafts, group games, a talent show, and campfires. A core part of our program is also social justice programming, where all campers will engage in workshops and discussions about identity, anti-racism, history, self advocacy, and more. 

Who is supervising my child?

Outside of camp they are teachers, college students, bakers, mental health counselors, world travelers, and more. These dedicated and brilliant humans build great relationships with campers throughout the camp sessions. All volunteers go through an extensive screening process before they are offered a role on our team. This process includes an application, an interview, and passing reference/background checks. Volunteers are also required to attend a staff training weekend and are supervised by highly experienced youth professionals.

What is your cancellation policy?

For cancellations prior to June 1st, a cancellation fee of $50 will be deducted from your refund. For cancellations between June 1st and July 1st, a cancellation fee of $250 will be deducted from your refund. (For Campership recipients paying lower than $250, no refund will be provided and no additional cancellation fee above tuition paid will be deducted.) After July 1st, no refunds will be given for any reason. This includes illness, mental health crisis, family emergency, failed travel arrangements, and all other reasons for cancellation. If full payment is not submitted prior to August 1st, your camper will forfeit their spot at camp and be moved to the waitlist. If you are unable to submit full payment by August 1st, please contact to set up an alternative payment plan.

What will my child eat?

All of our food is homemade by our onsite volunteers. Our meals range from camp classics like sloppy joes or macaroni to teriyaki or burrito bars. They work to provide scrumptious alternatives for all allergy and dietary needs, including gluten and dairy free. If you have questions about your child’s specific dietary needs, please reach out to our office to discuss a plan to ensure your child’s needs can be met at camp.

What should my child wear?

At Camp Ten Trees, everyone is encouraged to both express themselves and do their best to do it in a way that is inclusive of others. At camp your camper will surely see lots of kids in shorts and t-shirts, and your camper may also see boys in feather boas and girls in mustaches. We encourage all campers to come as they are and wear what they love. 

What are the cabins like at camp?

Most of the cabins are open to the outside. Some have three walls, and others have open windows all around the cabin. It is suggested that campers pack a warm sleeping bag and a sweatshirt to stay cozy on colder nights. If you need support finding these items let us know. 

What is health & wellness like at camp? 

Camp Ten Trees has one of the best medical and mental health teams of any camp. While some youth might take prescribed medications, others use herbal remedies and tinctures. Our medical professionals respond to any health needs for youth at camp. We also have an Emotional & Behavioral Support Team, made up of mental health professionals, that assists summer camp volunteers in supporting and responding to the emotional needs of campers.

What if my camper needs 1:1 support?

While we cannot guarantee 1 on 1 support for all campers, we are committed to providing accommodations for as many campers as possible, including 1 on 1 support. If your camper would benefit from 1:1 support while at camp, please contact our office by email so we can talk about our camper’s individual support needs.

How will my child get around?

You can walk anywhere at camp and even canoe to some locations (when supervised by our lifeguards). Your child should come with at least 1 pair of sturdy shoes for walking on uneven dirt roads and pathways. If your child needs additional support around mobility, please let us know so we can insure proper support for them. 

What if I can’t send my child during summer?

Camp Ten Trees sometimes offers a Spring Camp for teens (ages 13-17). Check out our website for more information on this program.