Our Team


Camp Ten Trees depends on more than a hundred volunteers to make camp happen. Camp relies on volunteers to give their time during camp sessions, procure donations for the auction, spread the word about camp, and so much more.

Our camp volunteers go through an extensive application and training process. Our volunteers pool their diverse experiences and skills – drawn from teaching, social work, community organizing, business, law, parenting, health care, and more – to cultivate an enriched camp community.


Camp Ten Trees currently has three staff members: Poni “prancer” Colina (Camp Director, Community Outreach Leader), Erin “Cam” Dailey (Media Coordinator), and Margrith “Mongoose” Mooney (Data and Information Management). Together they help make sure that much of the “behind the scenes” work happens to make camp possible.


The current members of the board of directors are: Gabe Barnow (Board Vice President), Becca Guest (Board Secretary), JD (Board Staff Liaison), Chinda Tilson, Danny Tayara, Jillian Sky-Tucker, and Audra Chandler. Together, they are entrusted with overall governance of the organization.

For information on joining the board, contact board@camptentrees.org.


New Interim Camp Director

The Camp Ten Trees Staff and Board of Directors have an announcement.

Poni “prancer” Colina is now serving our community in the role of Interim Camp Director for the upcoming Summer Camp Sessions.

We feel strongly that they are the best candidate to move us forward at this time and will provide the utmost care, understanding, and leadership within this role.

An artist and world traveler from Austin, Texas, prancer has a background of over 20 years of childcare experience and finds great joy in working with youth. This summer will be prancer’s 7th year at Camp Ten Trees. In their 6 years as a volunteer, they have served the community in a variety of roles, including Area Lead for 8-10 year old cabin areas and teens in Genderlandia, Kitchen Lead, and Social Justice Activity Specialist.

Since October, prancer has been working in the camp office as our Community Outreach Leader, focusing on community building and engagement, representing Camp Ten Trees at public outreach events, and helping raise vital funding for our programs by coordinating events such as our 2017 Dinner & Auction Gayla.

We know that prancer has the skills and strength to support our community though the upcoming summer camp sessions and will bring a compassionate and loving approach in this time of transition, while maintaining a strong youth focus.

As a person of color with a non-binary gender, prancer holds identities that have not been represented on this level of camp leadership before and can show our community exciting new possibilities!

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this time of transition and change. We feel it is a great honor to do the work that we do and serve the incredible youth of Camp Ten Trees, and we’re committed to bringing our best selves to that work. Your support means so much to us!

Thanks again,

Camp Ten Trees Board of Directors and Staff