Our Team


Camp Ten Trees depends on more than a hundred volunteers to make camp happen. Camp relies on volunteers to give their time during camp sessions, procure donations for the auction, spread the word about camp, and so much more.

Our camp volunteers go through an extensive application and training process. Our volunteers pool their diverse experiences and skills – drawn from teaching, social work, community organizing, business, law, parenting, health care, and more – to cultivate an enriched camp community.


Camp Ten Trees currently has two staff members: Jordan “Janus” Sosa & Poni “Prancer” Colina.. Together, they help make sure that much of the “behind the scenes” work happens to makes camp possible.


The current members of the board of directors are: Becca Guest (Board Secretary), Chinda Tilson, Connor Durham, Danny Tayara, Gabe Barnow (Board Vice President), JD (Board Staff Liaison), Megan Bokan (Board President), Paul Binder (Board Treasurer) and Quita St. John. Together, they are entrusted with overall governance of the organization.

For information on joining the board, contact board@camptentrees.org.