Short Term Options

Camp has a variety of short-term volunteer options to engage in. Some opportunities are available year-round while others have specific date and time ranges. To see all upcoming meetings, please visit the volunteer page. To get involved with any of these short term options, please contact


Auction work is done between October and May. Our auction brings in almost half of our annual income. Team members with skills in graphic design, networking, fundraising, event management, and a deep love of Excel spreadsheets are warmly welcomed! If the auction sounds fun, but you can’t commit, we also need volunteers on the night of the auction itself on May 13. Dozens of customer-service minded volunteers make sure our guests have a night to remember!


Office volunteers are an amazing group of folks who help out with office work (filing, phone calls, sorting, stamping, shredding, etc) throughout the year on a flexible schedule. Flex roles are great for people with skills and energy to contribute on a flexible schedule throughout the year.


On the first and last days of each camp session, we need a team of a dozen or so volunteers to meet at a location in Seattle to sort luggage, handle paperwork, and generally assist our campers as they transition into or out of camp.  Email Jordan at for more information!


All of our campers go home on the morning of August 20, and we get a new set of youth on in the afternoon of August 21st. However, our Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Campers (ages 16 and 17) stay on camp between sessions, and we recruit a few volunteers to stay with them at this time.  This generally involves a service project, pizza, and chill time around a campfire.  Email Jordan at campdirector [at] for more information!


From August 5-9, we gather our amazing summer volunteer team for an intensive training process.  We also need volunteers with experience in a commercial kitchen to feed them!  Folks who can facilitate a workshop or training that they think would be beneficial for our volunteers are also encouraged to reach out to us.  Email Jordan at campdirector [at] for more information!