Short Term & Long Term Options

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Below is a list of volunteer driven working groups that have formed since the 2016 summer camp sessions. These groups are open to the public, and you can join at any point throughout the year. If you would like to join or have questions about any of these working groups, please contact Poni at

The intent behind these working groups is to provide spaces to address needs and attend to areas of growth in our camp community. If you would like to start a working group and are interested in sharing this information with the community on this webpage, contact Poni at

  • Re-envisioning & recreating leadership structure
  • Anti-racism training & racial justice
  • Carrying out commitment to social justice
  • Sustainability & volunteer retention
  • Reenvisioning & recreating staff training
  • Meals at training and camp: ordering, food justice, etc.
  • Anti-adultism at camp & camper supervision
  • Staff selection & placement for camp sessions
  • Accessibility & inclusion
  • “Policies” and policies around policies / procedures
  • Programming for camp sessions
  • Community evaluations of paid staff



Please take advantage of that great calendar app on your phone or your handy-dandy planner and mark down the meetings you are interested in attending this month! There are so many ways to be involved in the magic of camp right now! WOW! 😀

All of these meetings will take place at the Camp Ten Trees office and Google Hangouts video chat. Speakerphone attendance is always an option too.

If you’re not sure if you’re on the email list for certain meetings that you want to attend via video chat, please reply and let me know which one/s, so I can make sure you get sent the video chat link.

CAMP OFFICE ADDRESS: 1500 Westlake Ave North, Suite 8. (around the right side of the building, in the back. Down the ramp/stairs. Ring the bells to your left when you arrive, and we’ll come outside to let you in!)
If you have any questions, please email Prancer at